December 19, 2018

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Yes, You Can be Held Liable if Your Spouse Drinks and Drives

Being married to someone who drinks and drives can turn your life into a rollercoaster of sadness, anger and fear. It’s bad enough that you have to worry about when they will get in a wreck and die or when they will go to jail, and to make matters … [Read more...]

Seeking Justice for Head-On Collision Accident Claims

You are sitting in the hospital following a head-on collision. The accident wasn’t your fault; the other driver crossed the center line. Now you have medical bills piling up and your car is totaled. What’s next? Head-on collisions are among the … [Read more...]

Burn Injuries: Burns Caused by Motor Vehicle Accidents

Burn injuries are some of the most painful and devastating injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents. According to the American Burn Association five percent of all burn injuries occur on a street or highway an in 2016 there were 310 deaths from … [Read more...]

What Happens if You’re Hurt by an Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist?

Most, but not all, states require drivers to carry liability insurance. Arizona, New Hampshire, and Virginia do not, but they still hold drivers financially responsible for accidents they cause. Legal or not, there are many drivers out there who are … [Read more...]

Seeking Out Medical Attention Following an Automobile Collision

Right after a car accident, it’s not uncommon for a person’s adrenaline to spike. In this highly stressful moment, it can be difficult to know what to do next. This is understandable. Lots of people feel this way after an accident. Nonetheless, it is … [Read more...]

Types of Pedestrian Accidents

Walking should be the safest way to get to any destination, but it isn’t. Thousands of people are injured annually in pedestrian accidents. In fact, 50,000 children are injured in pedestrian accidents every year. The National Highway Transport Safety … [Read more...]

Defining Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of those umbrella terms that includes a whole range of potential habits and activities. Of course, in today’s modern age, we are all aware of the ubiquitous usage of smart phones. These ingenious devices allow us to access … [Read more...]

When a Fatal Accident is Considered Vehicular Manslaughter

  Fatalities in traffic accidents occur every day. However, not all result in criminal charges against the at-fault driver. However, a driver may be charged with vehicular manslaughter if it is shown that he or she caused the death of … [Read more...]

How to React When an Accident Happens Near You

You have probably heard a lot about what to do if you are in an accident, but you may not be sure what the best course of action is if you witness an accident. Here are some tips. Stay Safe and Don’t Make Things Worse If you’re first instinct is … [Read more...]

More to Fractured Bones than Meets the Eye

Fractures and broken bones are sometimes considered a rite of passage in childhood. They occur as a result of high impact on the bones and often take a few weeks or months to heal. However, broken bones and fractures can result in serious … [Read more...]