July 21, 2019

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Keeping Your Teen Safe on Winter Roads

Winter is a great time for fun in the snow. However, it also comes with great hazards on the road and more so for teens. The National Research Council records over 1.5 million weather related car crashes annually.

Teen drivers who are considered a high risk group of drivers are more prone to accidents than any other age group. This is because they are more likely to engage in risky behaviors on the road. Figures released in 2014 by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that 6 teens die every day as a result of motor vehicle accidents.

If you have a driving teen, it’s important to provide them with the right guidance to ensure their safety as we go deeper into winter.

Laws that offer protection

Various states have laws that offer guidance in a bid to protect drivers during the winter months. These laws only apply during the winter months. These include laws to improve the traction of vehicles through the use of snow tires and other precautions such as chains.

Ensure that your teen is aware of the law in your state and abides by it. This increases their safety while driving during winter.

Practical Tips

The following are some practical tips you can provide your teen driver to enhance their safety on the road.

  • Avoid driving in bad weather

The best advice you can give your teen this winter is to avoid driving if possible. Your teen should especially avoid driving when the weather is bad e.g. a blizzard. Staying off the road is the safest option.

  • Ensure visibility

Visibility is vital when driving in poor weather. Advise your teen to limit his driving to daytime if possible. You should also encourage him to ensure that his windshield and lights are clear. Keep an ice scraper handy in the vehicle to ensure that your teen can remove ice from the windshield and lights if necessary.

  • Check tires

Nothing is more important than ensuring proper traction while driving on wet and frozen roads. Ensure your teen always checks his tires before driving. Tires should be replaced with snow tires during the winter months and should also be properly inflated.

  • Have an emergency kit

Accidents can happen even to the most careful of drivers. It is therefore wise to be prepared. Ensure that you stock the vehicle with a winter emergency kit. This should include blankets, emergency flares, flashlights, coats, water as well as nonperishable food. This will increase their chances of survival if your teen becomes stranded during a bad storm.

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